Timi Oyewole Biography, Career, Age, Girlfriend, Movies, Education, State Of Origin, Net Worth

Timi Oyewole Biography, Career, Age, Girlfriend, Movies, Education, State Of Origin, Net Worth, and everything you need to know about Timi Oyewole.

Timi Oyewole Biography

Timi Oyewole, born on October 20th, 1997, is recognized as a fervent believer and a notable gospel movie actor. His impactful portrayal in the Mount Zion movie “Abattoir,” wherein he embodied the character of Dele, propelled him into the spotlight and solidified his presence in the gospel movie industry.


Oluwatimileyin Oyewole pursued his higher education at the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He dedicated his academic pursuits to Civil Engineering, graduating with the skills and knowledge necessary for the engineering field.


Timi Oyewole’s foray into the world of gospel movies marked the inception of his blossoming career. His pivotal role in the Mount Zion movie “Abattoir” showcased his acting prowess and garnered commendation from audiences and industry insiders alike. With a profound dedication to his craft, he endeavors to inspire, uplift, and convey impactful messages through his performances, transcending mere entertainment and delving into the spiritual realm.

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Recognized as a spirit-filled believer, Oluwatimileyin Oyewole utilizes his acting talents to evoke emotions, convey moral lessons, and uplift spirits. His commitment to his faith resonates in his work, where he seeks to spread positivity and spirituality through the medium of gospel movies.

In addition to his acting career, Minister Oluwatimileyin Oyewole maintains an active presence on various social media platforms. Through his official handles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X, he engages with his audience, sharing inspirational content, messages of faith, and glimpses into his personal and professional life. His digital presence serves as a means to connect, inspire, and spread his spiritual message to a broader audience.

Timi Oyewole Net Worth

Although specific details about Timi Oyewole’s net worth remain undisclosed, his dedication to his craft, influential roles in gospel movies, and active engagement with audiences through social media have contributed significantly to his career’s success and financial standing. His influence within the gospel movie industry and his endeavors in the spiritual sphere have earned him recognition and admiration from a wide audience. Through his commitment to faith-based storytelling and entertainment, Oluwatimileyin Oyewole continues to impact lives and inspire others on their spiritual journey.


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