Susan Anton Net Worth – How Much is Susan Anton Worth?

Susan Anton is a renowned American actress and singer with a net worth of $10 million. Born on October 12, 1950, in Oak Glen, California, she first gained popularity by participating in beauty pageants, winning the Miss Redlands and Miss California titles in 1969. However, it was her provocative ads for Muriel cigarettes in the mid-70s that propelled her to household name status. Throughout her career, Anton has excelled in both television and film, with notable roles in “Stop Susan Williams” and “Baywatch”.

susan anton net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Susan Anton is an American actress and singer with a net worth of $10 million.
  • She gained fame through beauty pageants, winning Miss Redlands and Miss California in 1969.
  • Provocative ads for Muriel cigarettes made her a household name in the mid-70s.
  • Anton has had a successful career in television and film, including roles in “Stop Susan Williams” and “Baywatch”.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Susan Anton, known for her captivating beauty and talent, was born on October 12, 1950, in Oak Glen, California. She discovered her passion for performing at an early age and embarked on a remarkable journey that would see her become a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry.

After graduating from Yucaipa High School, Susan Anton pursued higher education at San Bernardino Valley College. During this time, her exceptional beauty and charisma caught the attention of pageant judges, leading her to participate in beauty competitions.

In 1969, Susan Anton’s dedication and grace culminated in her winning the coveted titles of Miss Redlands and Miss California. These victories propelled her onto a national stage, where she represented her state in the highly esteemed Miss America pageant.

Although Susan Anton was not crowned Miss America, her portrayal of grace and poise earned her the second runner-up position. This achievement significantly raised her profile and opened doors to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

Susan Anton’s early success in beauty pageants served as a springboard for her budding career. She captivated both the media and audiences, laying the foundation for a multifaceted journey that would encompass acting, singing, and more.

Embarking on her career with aspiration and authenticity, Susan Anton’s early life and pageant triumphs paved the way for her to become an icon in the world of entertainment. Her captivating presence and undeniable talent would soon captivate audiences worldwide.

Breakthrough and Television Career

Susan Anton’s talent and charisma brought her breakthrough success in the television industry. She captivated audiences through a variety of roles, showcasing her versatility as both an actress and singer.

Hosting “Presenting Susan Anton”

One of Susan Anton’s notable television accomplishments was hosting her own variety show called “Presenting Susan Anton.” The show provided a platform for her to showcase her immense talent and entertain viewers with her captivating performances.

“Hosting my own show was an incredible experience. It allowed me to connect with my audience on a personal level and share my passion for music and entertainment.”

Starring in “Stop Susan Williams”

Susan Anton’s popularity further soared when she starred in the television series “Stop Susan Williams.” Her portrayal of the lead character showcased her acting chops and solidified her status as a rising star in the industry.

  • Showcasing her acting talent and versatility
  • Garnering critical acclaim
  • Contributing to her growing fan base

Recurring Role on “Baywatch”

Another significant milestone in Susan Anton’s television career was her recurring role on the immensely popular show “Baywatch.” From 1992 to 1994, she brought her charm and talent to the screen, captivating audiences with her memorable performances.

“Working on ‘Baywatch’ was such a rewarding experience. It allowed me to connect with a whole new generation of fans and be part of a global phenomenon.”

To summarize, Susan Anton’s breakthrough in television propelled her career forward and opened doors to new opportunities. From hosting her own show to starring in series like “Stop Susan Williams” and appearing on “Baywatch,” she showcased her talent and versatility, leaving an indelible mark on the television industry.

susan anton career

Film and Music Ventures

In addition to her television career, Susan Anton has also made notable appearances in the film industry. Her talent and versatility were showcased in films such as “Goldengirl” (1979) and “Spring Fever” (1982). These roles allowed Anton to further demonstrate her acting abilities and expand her fan base.

Furthermore, Susan Anton’s passion for music led to a successful music career. In 1980, she released the single “Killin’ Time,” which quickly climbed the country charts and reached the top 10. Her captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics resonated with audiences, cementing her status as a talented singer.

Susan Anton Goldengirl

With her contributions to both the film and music industries, Susan Anton carved out a niche for herself as a multi-talented entertainer.

Personal Life and Relationships

Susan Anton’s personal life has been marked by significant relationships and romantic partnerships. She has been married twice, with notable public attention surrounding her love life.

Susan’s first marriage was to television actor Jack Stein, and they were married from 1975 to 1980. Although the marriage ended in divorce, it was a significant chapter in Susan’s life as she navigated her career and personal growth.

In 1992, Susan Anton tied the knot with actor Jeff Lester. Their union brought happiness and stability into Susan’s life, and they have continued to build their life together since then.

“Love doesn’t ask why, and it doesn’t measure height.”

Susan Anton’s romantic relationship with English actor Dudley Moore gained significant media attention due to their noticeable height difference. Their love story captivated the public’s interest and became a topic of conversation.

Currently, Susan Anton resides in Las Vegas, where she enjoys the vibrant entertainment scene and a fulfilling personal life.

Susan Anton’s Relationships

Spouse Years of Marriage
Jack Stein 1975-1980
Jeff Lester 1992-Present

Through her relationships, Susan Anton has experienced both triumphs and challenges, navigating the complexities of love and partnership in the public eye.

Susan Anton and Jeff Lester

Susan Anton’s Achievements and Recognition

Susan Anton’s extraordinary talents and exceptional contributions to the entertainment industry have garnered widespread recognition throughout her illustrious career. In addition to her remarkable success in beauty pageants, she has received numerous notable accolades, solidifying her status as a respected actress and singer.

One of the most remarkable achievements in Susan Anton’s career came when she was named the Miss America runner-up in 1969. This prestigious recognition not only showcased her incredible beauty but also highlighted her intelligence, poise, and genuine talent.

“Being named the Miss America runner-up was a turning point in my life. It provided me with invaluable opportunities to shine in the entertainment industry and has been part of shaping my successful journey,”

– Susan Anton

In addition to her pageant success, Susan Anton’s contributions to the entertainment world were further acknowledged when she was included in Time Magazine’s esteemed list of “Most Promising Faces” in 1979. This recognition underscored not only her exceptional talent but also her potential to make a lasting impact in the industry.

Susan Anton’s achievements and recognition are a testament to her dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to her craft. Her extraordinary talent as an actress and singer has captivated audiences worldwide and continues to inspire aspiring artists in the industry.

susan anton achievements

Notable Achievements and Recognition:

Achievement/Recognition Year
Miss America Runner-up 1969
Named one of Time Magazine’s “Most Promising Faces” 1979

Susan Anton Net Worth and Financial Status

Susan Anton’s financial success is a reflection of her talent and the impact she has made in the entertainment industry. With a net worth of $10 million, Anton has accumulated her wealth through a successful career spanning television, film, music, and endorsements.

Anton’s earnings come from her various roles in television shows and films, as well as her music ventures. She has showcased her versatility as both an actress and singer, contributing to her financial prosperity.

Furthermore, Susan Anton’s endorsements and brand collaborations have also added to her net worth. Her popularity and influence have made her a sought-after figure for companies looking to capitalize on her reputation.

Overall, Susan Anton’s net worth is a testament to her monetary success and the substantial impact she has had in the entertainment industry.

Susan Anton Net Worth and Financial Status

Notable Quotes:

“I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in my career, and it’s rewarding to see the financial success that has come with it.” – Susan Anton

Key Points:

  • Susan Anton has accumulated a net worth of $10 million through her successful career in entertainment.
  • Her earnings come from television, film, music, and endorsements.
  • Anton’s financial success is a reflection of her talent and the impact she has made in the industry.

Susan Anton’s Personal Life and Interests

In her personal life, Susan Anton enjoys a variety of hobbies and interests outside of her successful career in the entertainment industry. One of her greatest passions is golf, which she has been an avid player for many years. Susan finds solace and joy on the golf course, using it as a way to unwind and challenge herself.

susan anton hobbies

Golf provides Susan with the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and spend quality time outdoors. It allows her to engage in a competitive yet calming sport that tests her abilities and concentration. Whether she’s playing solo or with friends, Susan Anton finds immense pleasure in every swing and putt.

Besides golf, Susan also harbors a deep appreciation for music and enjoys listening to various genres. She finds inspiration and relaxation in the melodies and lyrics of her favorite songs. This interest in music complements her own singing career, allowing her to explore different styles and expand her artistic horizons.

Furthermore, Susan Anton has a keen interest in fashion and has often been admired for her impeccable sense of style. She follows the latest fashion trends, attends fashion events, and appreciates the creativity and expression found within the industry.

Additionally, Susan values her personal relationships and cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones. Whether it’s catching up with old friends, exploring new places together, or simply enjoying a cozy evening at home, Susan Anton’s personal life is filled with warmth and meaningful connections.

In conclusion, Susan Anton’s personal life is filled with a myriad of hobbies and interests that bring her joy and fulfillment. From her love for golf to her appreciation for music and fashion, Susan embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that goes beyond her successful career in the entertainment industry.

Susan Anton’s Height and Appearance

Susan Anton is widely recognized for her stunning appearance and distinct features. Her statuesque figure and mesmerizing platinum blonde hair have contributed to her popularity and recognition in the entertainment industry.

Standing tall at a height of 5 feet 11 inches, Susan Anton’s towering presence has been a subject of fascination and discussion in the media. Her height came into the spotlight, especially during her relationship with British actor Dudley Moore, who was significantly shorter than her.

Her unique appearance has captivated audiences and solidified her status as a prominent figure in the entertainment world. With her elegant stature and captivating blonde locks, Susan Anton stands out as an iconic and recognizable personality.

Susan Anton's Blonde Hair

Height Appearance
5 feet 11 inches Statuesque figure, platinum blonde hair

Susan Anton’s Current Projects and Recent Work

Susan Anton remains an active figure in the entertainment industry, continuously engaging in various projects and showcasing her talent to captivate audiences. With a diverse range of recent work, she continues to make her mark in both film and television.

Film Work

In recent years, Susan Anton has made noteworthy appearances in the industry, including a role in the film “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens.” Known for its unique blend of horror and humor, the “Sharknado” franchise has gained significant attention, making Anton’s involvement an exciting addition to her repertoire.

Television Appearances

Alongside her film endeavors, Susan Anton has also made guest appearances on various television shows, further showcasing her versatility as an actress. Her appearances on popular programs have allowed her to collaborate with acclaimed actors and actresses, while still engaging her dedicated fan base.

Live Performances in Las Vegas

In addition to her on-screen work, Susan Anton has also embraced the live entertainment scene in Las Vegas, known for its glittering stages and vibrant performances. Through captivating performances, she has continued to share her vocal prowess and engaging stage presence, dazzling audiences in the entertainment capital of the world.

susan anton las vegas

Susan Anton’s recent projects and ongoing involvement in the entertainment industry highlight her enduring passion for her craft. Whether on the silver screen, television, or live stages in Las Vegas, her work continues to captivate audiences and solidify her status as a respected figure in the industry.

Film Television Live Performances
“Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens” Guest appearances on various shows Live performances in Las Vegas

Susan Anton’s Philanthropy and Charitable Work

Susan Anton is a dedicated philanthropist, exemplifying her commitment to giving back to her community and those in need. Throughout her career, she has actively participated in various charitable organizations, leveraging her platform and influence to raise awareness and support for causes close to her heart.

“Giving back is an important part of who I am. I believe that we all have a responsibility to make a positive impact in the world, and philanthropy allows me to contribute to causes that are meaningful to me.”

One of the causes Susan Anton is passionate about is supporting children’s education and welfare. She has worked with organizations like Save the Children and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, providing opportunities for underprivileged children and helping them reach their full potential.

In addition to supporting children, Anton is an advocate for environmental conservation. She has been involved in initiatives aimed at preserving natural habitats, reducing pollution, and promoting sustainable practices. Through her involvement with organizations like The Sierra Club and Greenpeace, she strives to protect our planet for future generations.

Furthermore, Susan Anton has been a champion for cancer research and support programs. Having witnessed the impact of cancer on her loved ones, she has dedicated her efforts to raising funds and awareness for organizations such as American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Her contributions have helped advance research, provide vital resources, and offer hope to those affected by the disease.

Susan Anton’s Charitable Contributions

Organization Focus Area Contributions
Save the Children Children’s Education and Welfare Annual donations, fundraising events
Boys and Girls Clubs of America Childhood Development Programs Sponsorship, advocacy
The Sierra Club Environmental Conservation Financial support, awareness campaigns
Greenpeace Sustainability and Climate Change Partnerships, awareness initiatives
American Cancer Society Cancer Research and Support Fundraising, awareness campaigns
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Pediatric Cancer Contributions, fundraising events

Through her philanthropic endeavors, Susan Anton continues to make a positive impact on society, inspiring others to give back and supporting causes that improve the lives of others. Her dedication to making a difference showcases her compassion and generosity, extending her influence beyond the entertainment industry.

Susan Anton Philanthropy


In conclusion, Susan Anton’s net worth of $10 million is a true testament to her remarkable career in the entertainment industry. Through her immense talent, hard work, and unwavering dedication, Anton has achieved both recognition and financial success. Her accomplishments in acting, singing, and philanthropy have solidified her status as a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Anton’s impressive portfolio spans television, film, and music, showcasing her versatility as an actress and the depth of her musical talent. Her notable roles in television shows like “Stop Susan Williams” and “Baywatch” have captivated audiences, while her appearances in films such as “Goldengirl” have further demonstrated her acting prowess. Additionally, her music career, including the success of her single “Killin’ Time”, has contributed to her overall net worth.

Aside from her professional achievements, Susan Anton’s philanthropy has highlighted her commitment to giving back to society. She has been actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, utilizing her platform to raise awareness and support causes close to her heart. Her philanthropic efforts further solidify her legacy as a generous and compassionate individual.

In summary, Susan Anton’s net worth, career accomplishments, and philanthropic endeavors have propelled her to great heights within the entertainment industry. Her talent, hard work, and dedication have not only earned her financial success but have also garnered the respect and admiration of her peers and fans alike. As she continues to make her mark, Susan Anton’s incredible journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring performers and a testament to the power of following one’s passion.


What is Susan Anton’s net worth?

Susan Anton has a net worth of million.

Where was Susan Anton born?

Susan Anton was born in Oak Glen, California.

What titles did Susan Anton win in beauty pageants?

Susan Anton won the titles of Miss Redlands and Miss California in 1969.

What television shows did Susan Anton star in?

Susan Anton starred in her own variety show called “Presenting Susan Anton” and the series “Stop Susan Williams”. She also had a recurring role on “Baywatch”.

What films did Susan Anton appear in?

Susan Anton appeared in films such as “Goldengirl” and “Spring Fever”.

Who were Susan Anton’s marriages?

Susan Anton was first married to television actor Jack Stein and later married actor Jeff Lester.

What recognition has Susan Anton received?

Susan Anton was named one of Time Magazine’s “Most Promising Faces of 1979”. She also placed second runner-up in the Miss America pageant.

How much is Susan Anton worth?

Susan Anton has a net worth of million.

What are Susan Anton’s interests outside of her career?

Susan Anton has a passion for golf and enjoys playing in her free time.

What is Susan Anton’s height?

Susan Anton stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

What recent projects has Susan Anton been involved in?

Susan Anton has appeared in the film “Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens” and made guest appearances on various television shows. She has also performed in Las Vegas.

What philanthropic work has Susan Anton participated in?

Susan Anton has been involved in various charitable organizations and uses her platform to raise awareness and support for causes she cares about.

What is Susan Anton’s net worth?

Susan Anton has a net worth of million.

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