Simon Huck Net Worth – How Much is Simon Huck Worth?

Simon Huck is an American public relations professional who has made a name for himself in the world of PR. With his strong connections and entrepreneurial ventures, Huck has achieved significant financial success throughout his career. So, just how much is Simon Huck worth? Let’s take a closer look.

simon huck net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • Simon Huck is an American public relations professional with an estimated net worth of $10 million.
  • He gained fame through his association with the Kardashian family and his successful PR career.
  • Huck is the CEO and founder of the preparedness company Judy.
  • His strong connections in the entertainment industry have contributed to his professional success.
  • Apart from his PR work, Huck is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors.

Early Life and Career of Simon Huck

Simon Huck, born on November 5, 1982, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is an American public relations professional known for his successful PR career and his association with the Kardashian family. Huck attended Canterbury High School and later pursued his education at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

Simon Huck embarked on his career in public relations in 2005, working under the guidance of renowned PR guru Lizzie Grubman. During his early years in the industry, Huck gained valuable experience by contributing to P Diddy’s Hampton’s White Party, a high-profile event that showcased his ability to handle publicity and media relations.

In pursuit of his entrepreneurial ambitions, Simon Huck partnered with Jonathan Cheban to launch the PR firm CommandPR. Through their collaboration, they established close ties with the Kardashian family, leveraging their extensive network to secure high-profile clients and elevate their company’s reputation.

In 2017, Simon Huck bought out Jonathan Cheban and rebranded the company as Command Entertainment Group. This strategic move further solidified Huck’s position in the industry and allowed him to expand his services to encompass entertainment-related PR work.

Simon Huck’s early life and career laid the foundation for his future successes in the world of public relations and entrepreneurship. His dedication to his craft, combined with influential connections, has propelled him into the ranks of the industry’s most respected professionals.

Early Life Career Highlights
• Born on November 5, 1982, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Worked for PR guru Lizzie Grubman
• Attended Canterbury High School • Gained experience working on P Diddy’s Hampton’s White Party
• Graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada • Partnered with Jonathan Cheban to launch CommandPR

The Influence of the Kardashians on Simon Huck’s Career

Simon Huck’s successful public relations career has been significantly influenced by his association with the Kardashian family, particularly through his close friend Jonathan Cheban. This connection has played a vital role in shaping Huck’s professional trajectory and expanding his reach within the industry.

As one of the Kardashians’ close friends, Huck has had numerous opportunities to collaborate with the family on their various ventures. His frequent appearances on their reality show and his involvement in their projects have not only increased his visibility but also solidified his reputation as a trusted PR expert. This exposure has allowed him to forge connections and establish credibility with other high-profile celebrities and Fortune 100 companies.

Through his work with the Kardashians, Simon Huck has gained valuable insights into the intricacies of managing the public image and reputation of prominent individuals. This firsthand experience has honed his skills in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry. Huck’s ability to adapt and effectively handle the media circus surrounding the Kardashians has contributed to his success in managing public relations for a diverse range of clients.

“Working with the Kardashians has been an incredible learning experience. They have an unparalleled ability to captivate the public’s attention, and being part of their inner circle has taught me invaluable lessons about media relations and brand management,” says Simon Huck.

Huck’s Kardashian connection has not only opened doors in his PR career but has also granted him unique insight into the workings of a global pop culture phenomenon. This profound understanding of celebrity culture and its impact on public opinion has become an integral part of his strategic approach to managing clients and their brand image.

The Influence of the Kardashians: A Comparative View

Aspect The Influence of the Kardashians Simon Huck’s PR Career
Public Image The Kardashians’ ability to craft and maintain their public image has had a profound impact on their success and influence. Simon Huck’s association with the Kardashians has allowed him to leverage their image and elevate his own reputation as a PR expert.
Media Presence The Kardashians’ omnipresence in the media has helped them build a massive following and establish a strong brand presence. Huck’s appearance on reality TV and his involvement with the Kardashians have significantly boosted his visibility in the industry.
Industry Connections The Kardashians’ extensive network within the entertainment industry has provided them with countless opportunities and collaborations. Huck’s association with the Kardashians has opened doors for him to work with other high-profile celebrities and Fortune 100 companies.
Brand Management Through their various business ventures, the Kardashians have mastered the art of brand management and monetizing their personal image. Huck’s involvement with the Kardashians has given him a deep understanding of effective brand management strategies in the entertainment industry.

Simon Huck’s PR career owes a significant debt to his close relationship with the Kardashians. This connection has not only propelled his professional success but has also allowed him to gain valuable industry insights and carve out a niche for himself within the entertainment and public relations world.

Simon Huck Kardashian Connection Image

Simon Huck’s Personal Life

In addition to his successful career in public relations, Simon Huck leads a fulfilling personal life. He recently tied the knot with his longtime partner, Phil Riportella, in a lavish wedding ceremony held in November 2021. The star-studded event was attended by notable celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, and John Legend, reflecting the strong friendships Simon Huck has built throughout his career.

Aside from his relationship, Simon Huck also enjoys the fruits of his labor by owning properties in both New York City’s Greenwich Village and the picturesque Montauk. His property in Montauk, which he acquired for $2 million in 2014, serves as a tranquil retreat away from the bustling city life.

Simon Huck's Personal Life

Property Location Description
New York City’s Greenwich Village A chic urban residence located in the heart of the city, offering easy access to cultural landmarks, dining establishments, and entertainment venues.
Montauk An exquisite coastal property nestled in the idyllic beach town of Montauk, providing breathtaking ocean views and a peaceful ambiance.

Simon Huck’s personal life is a testament to his ability to balance a successful career and meaningful relationships. Both his marriage to Phil Riportella and his real estate investments reflect his commitment to creating a fulfilling and secure future.

Simon Huck’s Net Worth and Financial Success

Simon Huck has achieved remarkable financial success throughout his career, resulting in an estimated net worth of $10 million. His wealth can be attributed to his prosperous PR career, as well as the resounding triumph of his brand, Judy. Additionally, Simon Huck’s astute investments in real estate have contributed significantly to his overall financial portfolio.

“My PR work and the success of Judy have been instrumental in building my income and accumulating valuable assets,” remarks Simon Huck.

Simon Huck’s impressive net worth is a testament to his unwavering dedication and impeccable business acumen. Through his endeavors in the public relations industry, he has established a solid foundation for financial growth. Moreover, his achievements extend beyond his PR ventures, as he has strategically diversified his portfolio through investments in real estate.

Simon Huck’s notable real estate holdings include a luxurious residence in the breathtaking locality of Montauk. Purchased in 2014 for a sum of $2 million, this property exemplifies his penchant for investing in prestigious assets. Such investments have not only elevated his financial stature but also positioned him as a savvy entrepreneur.

Furthermore, Simon Huck’s success extends beyond tangible assets. As the CEO and founder of Judy, he has cultivated an innovative and highly profitable brand. Judy’s focus on preparedness and emergency kits has garnered immense popularity, further contributing to Simon Huck’s overall financial prosperity.

The Financial Achievements of Simon Huck

To fully comprehend the extent of Simon Huck’s financial success, let’s explore a table showcasing his notable assets and sources of income:

Assets Income Sources
Luxury Residence in Montauk PR Career
Judy Brand

These assets and income streams signify Simon Huck’s ability to create enduring financial value, reflecting his boundless dedication and entrepreneurial prowess.

Simon Huck's Net Worth and Financial Success

Simon Huck’s Role in Command Entertainment Group

Simon Huck is the CEO and founder of Command Entertainment Group, a renowned public relations firm in the entertainment industry. He played a vital role in the rebranding of the company from CommandPR, successfully expanding its reach and influence. Command Entertainment Group represents over 100 brands annually, catering to the unique marketing and public relations needs of clients.

Under Simon Huck’s leadership, Command Entertainment Group has established itself as an industry leader, known for its expertise and innovative approaches. The firm’s extensive network enables them to connect clients with top-tier celebrities, influencers, and media outlets, maximizing exposure and creating impactful campaigns.

Simon Huck’s deep understanding of the entertainment and public relations industries has been instrumental in the success and growth of Command Entertainment Group. His strategic vision and commitment to excellence have earned him a stellar reputation among industry professionals and clients alike.

Command Entertainment Group excels in providing tailored strategies and comprehensive services, including event planning, reputation management, crisis communications, and brand partnerships. Simon Huck’s dynamic leadership and hands-on approach ensure that the firm delivers exceptional results, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Simon Huck Role in Command Entertainment Group

Simon Huck’s unwavering dedication to his craft has propelled Command Entertainment Group to new heights, establishing it as a premier PR firm in the entertainment industry. Through his visionary leadership, Simon Huck continues to shape the success and impact of Command Entertainment Group, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for brands seeking effective public relations and marketing solutions.

Simon Huck’s Appearance on Reality TV

Simon Huck has gained significant visibility and recognition through his appearances on reality television shows. His on-screen presence has captured the attention of audiences, further solidifying his influence in the entertainment industry. One notable reality show that showcased Simon Huck’s work is “The Spin Crowd,” which aired in 2010. This series followed Simon and his business partner Jonathan Cheban as they navigated the fast-paced world of public relations at their firm, Command PR.

Simon Huck’s charisma and expertise in PR shone through on the show, and viewers got a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes efforts that contribute to successful public relations campaigns. His portrayal on “The Spin Crowd” highlighted his ability to navigate the industry with finesse and professionalism.

Moreover, Simon Huck has made appearances on various episodes of the iconic reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its spinoff shows. His involvement with the Kardashian family has played a pivotal role in expanding his public profile and establishing his credibility as a PR professional.

“Appearing on reality TV has provided a unique platform for me to showcase my work in the PR industry. It has allowed me to connect with a wider audience and further solidify my reputation within the entertainment world.”

Simon Huck’s appearances on reality TV have not only boosted his public image but have also allowed him to share his expertise and insights with aspiring PR professionals and fans of the shows. His charm, professionalism, and ability to handle high-pressure situations have made him a fan-favorite and a notable figure in the world of reality television.

Show Year
The Spin Crowd 2010
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Ongoing

Simon Huck reality TV

Simon Huck’s Reality TV Appearances:

  • “The Spin Crowd” (2010)
  • “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” (ongoing)

Simon Huck’s Height and Physical Appearance

In addition to his successful career in public relations, Simon Huck possesses a striking physical presence that further enhances his professional image. At an impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches, Huck stands tall, commanding attention in any room he enters. With a weight of approximately 72 kg, he maintains a lean and fit physique.

Simon Huck’s physical appearance is characterized by his captivating features. He has lustrous brown hair that complements his hazel brown eyes, adding depth and allure to his overall look. Combined with his tall stature, these distinctive physical attributes contribute to Huck’s magnetic presence and make him a standout figure in his industry.

Simon Huck's Height and Physical Appearance

Simon Huck’s Philanthropic Endeavors

Simon Huck is committed to making a positive impact on society through his philanthropic endeavors. He actively contributes to various charitable causes and uses his influential platform to raise awareness and support important social issues. Simon Huck’s dedication to philanthropy highlights his genuine compassion and desire to give back.

By leveraging his resources and visibility, Simon Huck has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of others. His charitable work extends to causes such as education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and environmental conservation. Simon Huck’s philanthropic efforts exemplify his belief in the power of collective action and the ability to create meaningful change.

“Giving back is not only a responsibility but also a privilege. I believe that we all have the power to make a difference, no matter how big or small. Together, we can create a better future for all.”

Simon Huck’s philanthropy goes beyond monetary donations. He actively partners with organizations and initiatives that align with his values and vision. By leveraging his expertise and connections, Simon Huck advocates for systemic change and encourages others to join him in making a positive impact.

Impact of Simon Huck’s Philanthropy

The impact of Simon Huck’s philanthropic efforts can be seen through the lives he has touched and the positive change he has catalyzed. Here are some examples of his impactful initiatives:

  • Partnering with educational institutions to fund scholarships and mentorship programs for underprivileged students.
  • Supporting healthcare organizations to improve access to quality medical care for marginalized communities.
  • Funding environmental conservation projects aimed at preserving and protecting the planet for future generations.
  • Collaborating with NGOs to provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid to affected regions.

Simon Huck’s philanthropy serves as an inspiration to others, motivating individuals and businesses to prioritize social responsibility. Through his actions, he is cultivating a culture of giving and fostering positive change in the world.

Impact of Simon Huck’s Philanthropy
Funding educational scholarships and mentorship programs Empowering underprivileged students to access quality education and pursue their dreams.
Supporting healthcare organizations Improving healthcare access and outcomes for marginalized communities.
Investing in environmental conservation Preserving and protecting the planet’s resources for a sustainable future.
Providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid Aiding communities in times of crisis and helping them rebuild.

Simon Huck philanthropy

Simon Huck’s philanthropy is a testament to his commitment to making a difference. Through his charitable work, he is leaving a lasting impact and inspiring others to join him in creating positive change. By leveraging his resources, influence, and passion, Simon Huck continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need.


Simon Huck’s journey to success is a testament to his talent and hard work in the field of public relations. With a net worth of $10 million, he has proven himself as a prominent figure in the industry.

His close association with the Kardashian family has undoubtedly contributed to his professional accomplishments. Through their connections, Simon Huck has expanded his PR work to include other notable celebrities and Fortune 100 companies, solidifying his position as a high-profile publicist.

Furthermore, Simon Huck’s entrepreneurial ventures, such as the establishment of his preparedness company Judy, highlight his ability to diversify his portfolio and navigate different industries.

In conclusion, Simon Huck’s wealth and influence demonstrate his significant impact on the public relations and entertainment world. His successful career, coupled with his strong connections and entrepreneurial spirit, sets him apart as a leading figure in his field.


What is Simon Huck’s net worth?

Simon Huck has a net worth of million.

What is Simon Huck known for?

Simon Huck is known for his successful PR career and his association with the Kardashian family.

Where was Simon Huck born?

Simon Huck was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What is Simon Huck’s educational background?

Simon Huck attended Canterbury High School and Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada.

How did Simon Huck start his career in public relations?

Simon Huck began his career in public relations in 2005, working for PR guru Lizzie Grubman.

When did Simon Huck partner with Jonathan Cheban?

Simon Huck partnered with Jonathan Cheban to launch PR firm CommandPR.

How did Simon Huck become associated with the Kardashian family?

Simon Huck became associated with the Kardashian family through his partnership with Jonathan Cheban and their work at CommandPR.

Who did Simon Huck marry?

Simon Huck married his longtime boyfriend, Phil Riportella.

What is Simon Huck’s net worth attributed to?

Simon Huck’s net worth is attributed to his successful PR career and the success of his brand Judy.

What is Simon Huck’s role in Command Entertainment Group?

Simon Huck is the CEO and founder of Command Entertainment Group, formerly known as CommandPR.

What reality TV shows has Simon Huck appeared on?

Simon Huck has appeared on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its spinoff shows, as well as his own reality show called “The Spin Crowd.”

How tall is Simon Huck?

Simon Huck stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches.

Is Simon Huck involved in philanthropy?

Yes, Simon Huck is actively involved in philanthropic endeavors and supports various charitable causes.

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