Sarah Drew Net Worth – How Much is Sarah Drew Worth?

Sarah Drew is an American actress who has achieved considerable success in the entertainment industry. Known for her roles in popular television shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Everwood, Drew has made a name for herself as a talented actress with a dedicated fan base. In addition to her acting prowess, many are curious about Sarah Drew’s net worth.

sarah drew net worth

Throughout her career, Sarah Drew has amassed a net worth of $3 million. Her hard work and dedication to her craft have paid off, allowing her to build a solid financial foundation. Let’s take a closer look at Sarah Drew’s journey to success and how she has built her impressive net worth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sarah Drew is an American actress known for her roles in Grey’s Anatomy and Everwood.
  • She has a net worth of $3 million.
  • Drew started her acting career at a young age and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Drama from the University of Virginia.
  • Her breakthrough role came in Grey’s Anatomy, where she played Dr. April Kepner for over a decade.
  • Aside from Grey’s Anatomy, Drew has appeared in other television shows and films.

Early Life and Education

Let’s take a closer look at Sarah Drew’s early life and education, which shaped her journey to becoming a successful actress.

Sarah Drew was born on October 1, 1980, in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, she was surrounded by a family where education and faith held significant importance. Her mother, Dr. Jeannie Drew, served as the Head of Science at the prestigious Brearley School, while her father, Reverend Charles Drew, is a senior pastor at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.

“Sarah Drew’s upbringing in an environment that valued both academics and spirituality played a crucial role in shaping her character and career path.”

During her formative years, Sarah attended The Stony Brook School, a coeducational independent school located in Long Island, New York. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for acting.

After graduating from high school, Sarah Drew set her sights on furthering her education and pursuing her dreams in the performing arts. She enrolled at the University of Virginia, where she dedicated herself to studying Drama.

“Sarah Drew’s educational journey at the University of Virginia laid the foundation for her successful acting career, equipping her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry.”

In 2002, Sarah Drew proudly graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor’s degree in Drama, marking a significant milestone in her life. Armed with her newfound knowledge and passion, she was ready to embark on her professional acting journey.

To get a visual glimpse into Sarah Drew’s early life, here’s a photo showcasing her during her university days:

Event Date Location
Born October 1, 1980 Los Angeles, California
High School The Stony Brook School Long Island, New York
University University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia
Graduation 2002 Charlottesville, Virginia

Career Beginnings

Sarah Drew embarked on her acting journey during her high school years in 1997. She showcased her talents in the animated television series Daria, lending her voice to the character Stacy Rowe. Her exceptional voice acting skills also extended to the Daria animated television movies, demonstrating her versatility and passion even at a young age.

Following her success in the world of animation, Drew made the leap to the stage, making her professional debut in 2001. Her theatrical prowess shone brightly as she captivated audiences with her performances. It was in 2003 that she achieved a significant milestone in her career when she made her Broadway debut, further solidifying her presence in the entertainment industry.

With a taste for television and a desire to explore new horizons, Sarah Drew secured guest-starring roles in various series, including the critically acclaimed Wonderfalls. She also ventured into the world of film, showcasing her acting range alongside esteemed actors in movies such as Radio. These early endeavors showcased Drew’s dedication to her craft and laid the foundation for her future success.

sarah drew career beginnings


“My early years in the industry taught me the joy of storytelling through different mediums. From animation to theater, television, and film, each experience fueled my passion and shaped me as an actress.”

Notable Role:

During her career beginnings, Sarah Drew’s commitment to her craft set her on a path towards recognition and success.

Grey’s Anatomy and Rise to Fame

Sarah Drew’s rise to fame came with her portrayal of Dr. April Kepner in the renowned medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy. In 2009, Drew joined the cast as a recurring character and quickly became a fan favorite. Her exceptional performance and compelling portrayal of the character earned her widespread recognition and contributed significantly to her net worth.

Drew’s journey on Grey’s Anatomy was one of longevity and growth. Over the years, she evolved from a recurring character to a main cast member, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact. Her dedication to the role and her ability to bring Dr. April Kepner to life onscreen solidified her status as a talented actress.

sarah drew grey's anatomy

“Working on Grey’s Anatomy has been an incredible privilege. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a beloved show and to bring Dr. April Kepner to life. It’s truly been a transformative experience that has shaped my career.”

Drew’s portrayal of Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy captured the hearts of viewers worldwide and solidified her presence in the entertainment industry. Through her compelling performance, she showcased her versatility as an actress and gained a dedicated fan base.

Remaining on the show for over a decade, Drew’s time on Grey’s Anatomy allowed her to develop as an actor and establish herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Her portrayal of Dr. April Kepner will always be remembered as a significant contribution to the success of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy Rise to Fame
Joined as a recurring character Early recognition for her portrayal of Dr. April Kepner
Became a main cast member Contributed significantly to her net worth
Played the role for over a decade Established herself as a prominent actress

Other Roles and Projects

Alongside her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew has showcased her versatile talent in various other roles and projects. Let’s take a look at some of her notable appearances.

Television Shows:

  • Supernatural: Drew guest-starred in an episode of the popular supernatural drama series.
  • Miami Medical: She also made a memorable appearance in an episode of this medical drama.
  • Cruel Summer: Drew captivated audiences with her performance in this psychological thriller series.


  • Mom’s Night Out: Drew showcased her comedic skills in this family comedy film.
  • Indivisible: She delivered a heartfelt performance in this faith-based drama.

After leaving Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew continued to pursue her passion for acting and took on challenging roles in different projects. Notably, she portrayed Lizbeth Meredith in the 2022 film Stolen by Their Father. Currently, Drew is starring as the main character in the television series Amber Brown, captivating audiences with her talent and dedication.

Sarah Drew’s Other Roles and Projects

Television Shows Films
Supernatural Mom’s Night Out
Miami Medical Indivisible
Cruel Summer

As seen in the table above, Sarah Drew has garnered recognition for her diverse range of performances in both television shows and films. Her dedication to her craft and ability to portray a variety of characters have solidified her status as an accomplished actress.

Sarah Drew in Other Roles and Projects

Personal Life

Sarah Drew has not only found success in her acting career but also in her personal life. In 2002, she tied the knot with Peter Lanfer, who is a lecturer at UCLA. The couple has been together for many years and has built a beautiful family. They are proud parents to two children, Micah Emmanuel and Hannah Mali Rose.

Though their journey began in Salt Lake City, Utah, the family has since relocated to Glendale, California, where they now call home.

sarah drew personal life

Family plays a significant role in Sarah’s life, and she cherishes the moments spent with her loved ones. Despite her busy schedule, she always makes time to create lasting memories with her husband and children.

Sarah Drew’s Wealth and Financial Status

Sarah Drew has achieved a commendable net worth of $3 million thanks to her successful acting career. Her notable role as Dr. April Kepner in the popular medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, along with her appearances in various television shows and films, has contributed to her financial success.

While Sarah Drew may not possess the same level of financial prosperity as some of her Grey’s Anatomy co-stars, she remains one of the wealthiest actors from the show. Her talent, hard work, and dedication have allowed her to build a substantial net worth over the years.

Source of Wealth Contribution to Net Worth
Grey’s Anatomy Significant contribution through her role as Dr. April Kepner
Other Television Shows and Films Additional income from guest-starring roles and film appearances

Although the exact breakdown of Sarah Drew’s wealth is not publicly available, it is evident that her successful acting career has played a pivotal role in her financial status. Through her dedication to her craft, she has secured a comfortable net worth that reflects her achievements in the entertainment industry.

sarah drew wealth

Awards and Recognition

Sarah Drew’s talent and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition from both fans and critics for her outstanding acting skills and performances. Although she hasn’t won any major awards, her portrayal of Dr. April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy has resonated with audiences and solidified her place in the hearts of fans. Her nuanced and compelling portrayal of the character has garnered praise for its emotional depth and authenticity.

While awards may not define an actor’s success, Sarah Drew’s impact on the show and her ability to bring Dr. Kepner to life have undoubtedly earned her recognition within the industry. Her portrayal has captivated audiences, showcasing her range as an actress and further establishing her reputation as a talented artist.

“Sarah Drew’s performance in Grey’s Anatomy is a testament to her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level. Her portrayal of Dr. April Kepner is sincere, vulnerable, and incredibly relatable. Drew’s commitment to her character shines through in every scene she’s in, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.”

While recognition through awards is a common marker of success in the entertainment industry, it is important to acknowledge and appreciate the impact an actor can have without formal accolades. Sarah Drew’s portrayal of Dr. April Kepner has touched the hearts of many, and her dedicated fan base continues to support and celebrate her work.

Although awards may not have found their way onto Sarah Drew’s mantel, her talent, dedication, and ability to connect with her audience have earned her a place in the hearts of fans and the recognition of her peers.

Philanthropy and Charity Work

While information on Sarah Drew’s specific philanthropic and charity endeavors is limited, many actors use their platform to support various causes. Given Drew’s involvement in Grey’s Anatomy, it is likely that she has participated in fundraising events or promoted awareness for charitable organizations.

Involvement in Fundraising

Actors often leverage their fame and influence to raise funds for organizations in need. Sarah Drew’s involvement in Grey’s Anatomy, a widely popular television show, has likely provided her with opportunities to support worthy causes. She may have participated in fundraising events, such as charity galas, auctions, or benefit concerts. By lending her name and presence to these events, Drew can help generate donations and raise awareness for important issues.

Supporting Charitable Organizations

Many actors choose to align themselves with specific charitable organizations that resonate with their personal values. While specific information about Sarah Drew’s affiliations is not readily available, it is common for celebrities to support causes such as healthcare, education, human rights, environmental conservation, and social justice. By using her platform to promote and advocate for these causes, Drew can make a positive impact on society beyond her acting career.

“I believe that using my platform and resources to help others is not only a responsibility but a privilege. We all have the power to create change, no matter how small the actions may seem. Together, we can make a difference.” – Sarah Drew

Promoting Awareness

In addition to fundraising and supporting charitable organizations, actors like Sarah Drew often utilize their social media platforms and public appearances to raise awareness about specific issues. By sharing personal experiences, inspiring stories, and relevant news, they can educate their followers and encourage them to get involved. Drew may use her social media accounts to highlight important causes, share inspiring stories of resilience, and provide information on how others can contribute to positive change.

Impact of Sarah Drew’s Philanthropy Examples of Causes Supported
Drew’s participation in fundraising events helps generate financial support for charitable organizations.
  • Medical research and treatment
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Childhood education
  • Disaster relief
By promoting awareness, Sarah Drew encourages others to take action and support important causes.
  • Environmental conservation
  • Mental health awareness
  • LGBTQ+ rights
  • Animal welfare

sarah drew philanthropy

Future Projects and Career Outlook

Sarah Drew, known for her role as Dr. April Kepner in Grey’s Anatomy, continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with her upcoming projects and promising career outlook. Her talent and dedication have earned her a devoted following and opened doors to exciting opportunities.

Most recently, Sarah Drew appeared in the film “Stolen by Their Father,” showcasing her versatility as an actress. The movie captivated audiences with its compelling storyline and Drew’s remarkable performance. Her ability to delve deep into her character’s emotions and bring authenticity to the screen is a testament to her exceptional talent.

sarah drew future projects

Currently, Sarah Drew is portraying the main character in the television series “Amber Brown.” This new and highly anticipated show is already generating buzz in the industry, and Drew’s involvement further heightens the excitement. Fans eagerly await her portrayal, knowing that she will bring depth and complexity to the character, captivating viewers with her exceptional acting skills.

Sarah Drew’s future prospects in the entertainment industry are bright. With her remarkable talent, versatility, and dedication, she is positioned for continued success and growth. As she continues to take on challenging roles and showcase her range, it is expected that her net worth and influence will continue to flourish.

To summarize, Sarah Drew has a promising future ahead, filled with exciting projects and endless possibilities. Her recent endeavors in film and television have cemented her status as a respected and sought-after actress. With her unwavering passion and commitment to her craft, Sarah Drew is undoubtedly one to watch in the entertainment industry.


Sarah Drew’s net worth of $3 million is a testament to her successful acting career. From her early beginnings to her breakthrough role in Grey’s Anatomy, Drew has established herself as a talented actress. She has captivated audiences with her performances and contributed to the success of the long-running medical drama series.

Throughout her career, Drew has showcased her versatility by taking on various roles, both on television and in film. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her compelling portrayals and the recognition she has received from fans and critics alike.

As she continues to pursue her acting career, Sarah Drew is poised for continued success in the entertainment industry. With ongoing projects and her passion for storytelling, she will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact in the world of television and film.


What is Sarah Drew’s net worth?

Sarah Drew has a net worth of million.

What is Sarah Drew’s most famous role?

Sarah Drew is best known for her role as Dr. April Kepner in the ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy.

Where was Sarah Drew born?

Sarah Drew was born in Los Angeles, California.

What other TV shows has Sarah Drew appeared in?

Sarah Drew has appeared in TV shows such as Supernatural, Miami Medical, and Cruel Summer.

Does Sarah Drew have any children?

Yes, Sarah Drew has two children named Micah Emmanuel and Hannah Mali Rose.

What is Sarah Drew’s current project?

Sarah Drew is currently starring in the television series Amber Brown.

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