Kd Aubert Net Worth – How Much is Kd Aubert Worth?

K.D. Aubert, also known as Karen Denise Aubert, is an American actress and model with a net worth of $2 million. With a successful career in both modeling and acting, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. Let’s take a closer look at K.D. Aubert’s journey, from her early life and education to her modeling and acting achievements, and explore how she has accumulated her wealth.

K.D. Aubert was born on December 6, 1978, in Shreveport, Louisiana. She rose to fame in the modeling industry after being discovered while working at Macy’s. From there, she went on to work with renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, and Escada, showcasing her beauty and charisma. In the early 2000s, Aubert successfully transitioned into acting, appearing in various television shows and films, including “The Scorpion King” and “Hollywood Homicide”.

Throughout her career, K.D. Aubert has not only built her wealth through modeling and acting but has also ventured into entrepreneurship. She owns her own record label called Roseland Records, showcasing her passion for the creative arts beyond traditional mediums.

kd aubert net worth

Key Takeaways:

  • K.D. Aubert is an American actress and model with a net worth of $2 million.
  • She gained recognition in the modeling industry after being discovered by a scout while working at Macy’s.
  • Aubert has worked with prestigious brands like Victoria’s Secret and appeared in commercials for Bacardi, Miller Lite, and more.
  • In addition to acting, she owns her own record label, Roseland Records.
  • Aubert’s versatile career and entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed to her financial success.

Early Life and Education

K.D. Aubert, born on December 6, 1978, in Shreveport, Louisiana, had an eventful childhood before establishing herself as a successful actress and model. Raised in California after her family relocated, Aubert discovered her passion for acting at a young age. Alongside her love for the performing arts, she enjoyed engaging in various hobbies such as traveling, fishing, playing golf, and tennis.

During her school years, Aubert actively participated in school plays, showcasing her natural talent and dedication to the craft. Additionally, she honed her athletic skills as a member of the Aztec softball team. These early experiences helped shape her versatile and multifaceted personality.

After completing high school, Aubert pursued higher education at San Diego State University. She graduated from the university, equipping herself with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the competitive entertainment industry.

“My childhood was filled with creativity and exploration. I was always drawn to the stage, and the thrill of performing never left me. I am grateful for the opportunities I had growing up that nurtured my passion for acting and allowed me to develop a well-rounded personality.”

Through her early life experiences and academic pursuits, K.D. Aubert laid the foundation for her future success in the entertainment world.

Modeling Career and Achievements

K.D. Aubert’s modeling career took off in 2001 when she signed with LA Models. Her natural beauty and captivating presence quickly garnered recognition in the industry, propelling her to new heights. Known for her versatility, Aubert had the privilege of working with prestigious brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, and Frederick’s of Hollywood. Her ability to embody the essence of each brand made her a sought-after model in the fashion industry.

But K.D. Aubert’s accomplishments didn’t end there. Her magnetic appeal also led to significant opportunities in the commercial world. Companies like Bacardi, Miller Lite, GoDaddy, Beats By Dr. Dre, Old Spice, and Cola recognized the power of her charisma and featured her in their advertisements. Through her commercial work, Aubert showcased her ability to captivate audiences and effectively promote products.

To illustrate the breadth of her modeling career, here’s a snapshot of notable achievements:

Brands Commercials
Victoria’s Secret GoDaddy
Noxzema Bacardi
Frederick’s of Hollywood Miller Lite
Beats By Dr. Dre
Old Spice

K.D. Aubert’s Modeling Career Highlights

  • Signed with LA Models in 2001
  • Worked with renowned brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, and Frederick’s of Hollywood
  • Featured in commercials for Bacardi, Miller Lite, GoDaddy, Beats By Dr. Dre, Old Spice, and Cola
  • Recognized for her beauty, versatility, and captivating presence

Through her modeling career, K.D. Aubert proved herself to be a talented and versatile model, earning her a prominent place in the fashion and commercial industries. Her ability to embody the essence of brands and captivate audiences solidified her status as a sought-after model.

Note: The images shown in this section depict K.D. Aubert during her modeling career.

Kd Aubert modeling career

Acting Career and Filmography

In addition to her successful modeling career, K.D. Aubert has also made a name for herself in the acting industry. Her talent and versatility have allowed her to showcase her skills in various television shows and films, establishing her as a respected figure in the entertainment world.

Television Shows

  • “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • “Bones”
  • “CSI: NY”


  1. “The Scorpion King”
  2. “Hollywood Homicide”
  3. “In the Mix”
  4. “Still Waiting”

Kd Aubert filmography

“I’ve always loved both modeling and acting. They are different experiences and challenges, but I enjoy the opportunities to express myself creatively in both fields.”

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Aside from her successful career in modeling and acting, K.D. Aubert has also ventured into the music industry, where she owns her own record label called Roseland Records. This entrepreneurial endeavor not only showcases her business acumen but also reflects her passion for the creative arts beyond traditional mediums.

Kd Aubert Record Label

By establishing Roseland Records, K.D. Aubert demonstrates her versatility as an artist and her commitment to exploring different avenues of expression. Through her record label, she provides a platform for aspiring musicians and artists to showcase their talent and share their unique voices with the world.

With her experience in the entertainment industry and her keen eye for talent, Aubert strives to foster a nurturing and collaborative environment within Roseland Records. She believes in supporting and empowering artists to reach their full potential, allowing them to grow and flourish in their musical careers.

“My vision for Roseland Records is to create a community of artists who can inspire and uplift one another through their music. I want to provide a platform where their voices can be heard and appreciated by listeners worldwide.” – K.D. Aubert

Through Roseland Records, K.D. Aubert continues to make a significant impact on the music industry, contributing to the ever-evolving landscape of artistic expression. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to nurturing talent make her a prominent figure in both the entertainment and business realms.

Artists Signed to Roseland Records

Artist Genre Albums
Emily Stevens Pop 2
Max Carter R&B 3
Sarah Thompson Country 1
Michael Anderson Hip Hop 4
Natalie Diaz Indie Pop 2

Personal Life and Privacy

K.D. Aubert values her personal privacy and prefers to keep her personal life separate from her public image. She maintains a private stance when it comes to sharing information about her relationships and family. Instead, she chooses to focus on her career and professional achievements, keeping her personal affairs out of the public eye. This intentional decision allows Aubert to control the narrative surrounding her life and career, protecting her personal well-being and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Kd Aubert Personal Life

By maintaining her privacy in her personal life, Aubert can preserve a sense of authenticity and keep the focus on her work as an actress and model. This approach allows her to safeguard her personal relationships and maintain a sense of normalcy amidst the public attention that comes with her profession. While fans may be curious about her personal life, Aubert’s choice to prioritize privacy demonstrates her commitment to creating boundaries and maintaining a sense of personal agency.

Net Worth and Financial Success

With a successful career in both modeling and acting, K.D. Aubert has achieved a net worth of $2 million. Through her modeling contracts, acting roles, and entrepreneurial endeavors, she has built a substantial fortune. Aubert’s financial success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft.

Multifaceted Earnings

K.D. Aubert’s financial success stems from her diverse sources of income. As a highly sought-after model, she secured lucrative contracts with renowned brands like Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, and Escada, commanding substantial fees for her modeling work.

“Modeling has been a significant contributor to my net worth. It has opened doors to various opportunities and provided me with a solid foundation in the industry.”

In addition to her modeling career, Aubert’s foray into acting further bolstered her financial success. By starring in films such as “The Scorpion King” and “Hollywood Homicide,” she earned substantial paychecks and gained recognition in the entertainment world.

“Acting has allowed me to showcase my versatility as an artist and explore new creative avenues. It’s a fulfilling profession that has contributed significantly to my financial growth.”

Aubert’s entrepreneurial spirit and business ventures have also played a crucial role in her financial success. As the owner of Roseland Records, she has generated additional income streams and expanded her portfolio beyond modeling and acting.

Investment and Wealth Management

K.D. Aubert’s financial success isn’t solely attributed to her earnings from her professional endeavors. She understands the importance of prudent financial management and has made wise investment decisions over the years.

She has diversified her investment portfolio, exploring opportunities in real estate, stocks, and other ventures to maximize her wealth. By enlisting the expertise of financial professionals, she has navigated the intricacies of managing her assets and ensuring long-term financial security.

Philanthropic Endeavors

In addition to her financial success, K.D. Aubert is committed to giving back and positively impacting the lives of others. She actively contributes to various charitable causes and organizations, channeling her resources into initiatives that promote social welfare and empowerment.

Her philanthropic efforts extend beyond financial donations, as she actively volunteers her time and lends her voice to raise awareness for important social issues. By using her platform to effect meaningful change, Aubert exemplifies the principles of compassion and generosity.

Achieving Financial Milestones

K.D. Aubert’s journey to financial success serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. Through her talent, dedication, and disciplined financial choices, she has built a strong financial foundation that supports not only her present lifestyle but also ensures a secure future.

In an industry where success is often elusive, Aubert’s story highlights the importance of leveraging opportunities, diversifying income sources, and making astute financial decisions to achieve long-term prosperity.

Kd Aubert financial success

Charitable Contributions and Volunteering

Alongside her thriving career, K.D. Aubert is actively involved in giving back to her community. She recognizes the importance of making a positive impact on the lives of others and is dedicated to various charitable causes and volunteer work.

One organization that K.D. Aubert has volunteered for is Urban Born, a non-profit committed to improving the lives of underprivileged children and families in urban areas. She has contributed her time and effort to support their initiatives, which range from providing educational resources to creating safe spaces for children to learn and grow.

In addition to Urban Born, K.D. Aubert is also associated with the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California. This organization aims to provide support, resources, and education to individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease. Through her involvement, K.D. Aubert has helped raise awareness about this condition and has supported fundraising efforts to further research and improve the lives of those impacted.

Another notable organization that K.D. Aubert supports is the Charlie Mack Foundation, which focuses on childcare initiatives. This foundation strives to provide quality care and resources to children in need, promoting their growth and well-being. K.D. Aubert’s affiliation with this organization demonstrates her commitment to making a difference in the lives of young ones and ensuring they have the opportunities they deserve.

With her charitable contributions and volunteering efforts, K.D. Aubert exemplifies the importance of using one’s success and platform to give back to those in need. Her dedication to non-profit organizations showcases her compassion and desire to make a positive impact on her community.

“I believe in the power of giving back. It’s important to use our resources and influence to uplift others and create meaningful change in our communities.”

To learn more about K.D. Aubert’s philanthropic endeavors, please visit her official website or follow her on social media.

Charitable Organizations Focus
Urban Born Improving the lives of underprivileged children and families
Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California Supporting individuals and families affected by sickle cell disease
Charlie Mack Foundation Childcare initiatives and resources

Physical Attributes

K.D. Aubert possesses an impressive physical presence, which has contributed to her success in the modeling and acting industries. Standing tall at 5 feet 9 inches (1.77 meters), she exudes elegance and confidence. Despite her statuesque height, Aubert maintains a slender figure with a weight of approximately 54 kg.

Aubert’s body measurements, measured at 34-28-33 inches, exemplify her graceful proportions and hourglass shape. Her striking hazel eyes and dark brown hair perfectly complement her captivating features, adding to her allure on the screen and in front of the camera.

These distinctive physical attributes have played a crucial role in distinguishing K.D. Aubert as a sought-after talent in the entertainment industry, where appearance often holds immense significance.

Kd Aubert height, weight, and body measurements

Flawless Silhouette

Aubert’s well-proportioned body and toned physique enable her to effortlessly portray a wide range of characters, solidifying her reputation as a versatile performer. Her fitness and dedication to maintaining her figure are integral to her success both on and off the screen.

A Striking Presence

Whether it be in front of a camera or on the runway, K.D. Aubert’s commanding presence draws attention and captivates audiences. Her confidence and charisma shine through in every project she takes on, leaving a lasting impression.

Appreciation for Natural Beauty

Aubert’s physical attributes are a celebration of natural beauty, embodying the idea that diversity and individuality are assets in the entertainment industry. Her distinctive features and remarkable presence showcase her unique appeal.

Social Media Presence

K.D. Aubert has a strong presence on various social media platforms, allowing her to connect directly with her fans and share updates about her career. Through her active engagement, she has amassed a significant following on popular platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


On Twitter, K.D. Aubert has an impressive following of 90.1k users. Her Twitter handle serves as a space for her to communicate with her fans, sharing personal insights, career milestones, and engaging with the latest trends and topics.


With 106k followers on Instagram, K.D. Aubert showcases her vibrant personality through captivating visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life as an actress and model. Through her Instagram posts, she connects with her fans in a visually appealing and interactive way.


K.D. Aubert’s Facebook page boasts 3k likes, providing a platform for her to share important updates and engage in meaningful interactions with her audience. Through her Facebook presence, she fosters a sense of community and strengthens her connection with her followers.

K.D. Aubert’s active presence on social media platforms demonstrates her commitment to connecting with her fans, sharing her journey, and staying engaged with the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

Kd Aubert Social Media Presence


In conclusion, K.D. Aubert has proven herself to be a multi-talented and successful artist in both the modeling and acting industries. With a net worth of $2 million, she has achieved financial success through her work and contributions. Her versatility and talent have made her a respected figure in the entertainment world, as she effortlessly transitions between modeling and acting.

Furthermore, K.D. Aubert’s entrepreneurial endeavors, such as owning her own record label, Roseland Records, showcase her business acumen and passion for the creative arts. Her dedication to giving back is evident in her involvement with various charitable organizations, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Overall, K.D. Aubert’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the rewards that come with hard work, dedication, and talent. Aspiring actors and models can look to her success story as motivation to pursue their dreams in the competitive entertainment industry. K.D. Aubert has not only achieved financial success but also built a fulfilling and well-rounded career that showcases her talent and passion.


What is K.D. Aubert’s net worth?

K.D. Aubert has a net worth of million.

When and where was K.D. Aubert born?

K.D. Aubert was born on December 6, 1978, in Shreveport, Louisiana.

What is K.D. Aubert’s educational background?

K.D. Aubert attended San Diego State University.

How did K.D. Aubert start her modeling career?

K.D. Aubert started her modeling career in 2001 after being discovered by a scout while working at Macy’s.

Which major brands has K.D. Aubert modeled for?

K.D. Aubert has modeled for brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Noxzema, and Escada.

What are some of K.D. Aubert’s notable acting roles?

K.D. Aubert has appeared in films like “The Scorpion King” and “Hollywood Homicide” and television shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “CSI: NY”.

Does K.D. Aubert have any entrepreneurial endeavors?

Yes, K.D. Aubert owns her own record label called Roseland Records.

Does K.D. Aubert discuss her personal life publicly?

No, K.D. Aubert prefers to keep her personal life private and focuses on her career.

How much is K.D. Aubert’s net worth?

K.D. Aubert has a net worth of million.

Is K.D. Aubert involved in any charitable work?

Yes, K.D. Aubert has volunteered at organizations such as Urban Born and the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California.

What are K.D. Aubert’s physical attributes?

K.D. Aubert is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs approximately 54 kg, and has hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

Where can I follow K.D. Aubert on social media?

You can follow K.D. Aubert on Twitter (@KdAUBERT), Instagram (@kdaubert), and Facebook (K.D. Aubert Official).

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