Ian Hislop Biography: Age, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Ian Hislop is a British journalist, satirist, and TV personality. Serving as the editor of the satirical magazine Private Eye since 1986, he has become a prominent figure in British satire and journalism.


Name: Ian David Hislop
Date of Birth: 13 July 1960
Wife: Victoria Hamson ​(m. 1988)​
Nationality: British
Occupation: Journalist
Net Worth: £8 million

Ian Hislop Biography

Born on July 13, 1960, Hislop has faced legal challenges due to libel suits against Private Eye but has maintained his position as the magazine’s editor. Additionally, he has been a team captain on the BBC’s satirical quiz show Have I Got News for You since its inception in 1990.

Ian Hislop Age

As of January 2024, he was 63 years old.

Ian Hislop Parents

The names of his parents are David Hislop and Helen Rosemarie Hislop.

Ian Hislop Career

At the age of five months, Hislop’s family embarked on a global journey due to his father’s work as a civil engineer. Growing up in Nigeria, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong, he shared anecdotes about potentially attending school with Osama bin Laden during his time in Saudi Arabia. His father’s death at age 12 and his mother’s death at 32 marked significant moments in Hislop’s life. Returning to Britain, he attended Ardingly College, where he excelled as head boy and initiated his satirical career by directing and performing in revues with Nick Newman.

His association with Newman continued at Oxford University, where they collaborated at Private Eye and on various comedy scriptwriting projects. Initially pursuing philosophy, politics, and economics, Hislop later shifted to English literature at Magdalen College, graduating with a 2:1 in 1981. Active in student journalism, he relaunched and edited the satirical magazine Passing Wind during his university years.

Throughout his career, Hislop has ridiculed all major British political parties. He expressed admiration for Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable during a 2008 appearance on Question Time, even jokingly claiming to stand for the party. In a 2009 interview, Hislop humorously declared that, “at the point of a gun,” he would join the fictional “Vince Cable for Treasurer Party” if compelled to stand for any political party.

While critical of the European Union’s leadership, Hislop called for a referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe in 2003. Despite Britain’s decision to leave the EU, he emphasized the right to continue debating the issue. His satirical take on Brexit received complaints, but Hislop remained unapologetic, highlighting the importance of ongoing dialogue. Expressing dismay over post-Brexit and Trump election public discourse, he characterized it as Orwellian, underscoring concerns about history potentially repeating itself tragically.

Ian Hislop Wife

His wife is known as Victoria Hislop.

Ian Hislop Children

He is known to be a father of two – Will Hislop and Emily Helen Hislop.

Ian Hislop Net Worth

We gathered that his estimated net worth is around £8 million.

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