How Much Is Luis Ruelas’s Net Worth?

Louis Ruelas is an American influencer, TV celebrity, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is also famous for his many relationships and his net worth of $20 million.

Luis Ruelas net worth
Luis Ruelas Net Worth
Name Luis Ruelas
Nickname Luis, Louie
Birthday 23 April 1975
Age 47
Gender Male
Height 5’10”
Weight 165 lbs
Partner Teresa Giudice
Kids Louie Jr. Ruelas, Nickolas Ruelas
Parents Iris Ruelas, Luis Ruelas Sr.
Siblings Jenifer Ruelas, Veronica Ruelas, Davis Ruelas
Nationality American
Profession Influencer, TV celebrity
Net Worth  $20 million

What is Luis Ruelas’s Net Worth?

Luis Ruelas’s net worth is $20 million. He made his fortune in the entertainment business as a TV celebrity, a businessman, and more. Ruelas was the CEO of Interactive Marketing Solutions for some time and now is Co-founder/EVP of Business Development at Digital Media Solutions

Luis is a hard-working person who is persistent in succeeding in life. Luis Ruelas became more famous after he started dating Teresa Giudice, and he was formerly married, had two kids, and was in many relationships.

Luis Ruelas’s Early Life

Luis Ruelas was born on 23 April 1975 in Allendale, Bergen County, New Jersey. His parents are Iris Ruelas and Luis Ruelas Sr., but there isn’t any information about their professions.

Luis Ruelas grew up in Allendale alongside his siblings, and he has two sisters, Jenifer Ruelas and Veronica Ruelas, and a brother, Davis Ruelas.

He doesn’t share much about his early life and education. Still, we can share that he attended Tappan Zee High School, but nothing is said about his further education.

Luis Ruelas’s Personal Life

Luis Ruelas’s personal life has been a hot topic these past years; he is considered a playboy because of his many relationships.

Luis Ruelas’s first relationship known to the public was with Marisa DiMartino, and they were married. Together they have two kids, Louie Jr., and Nicholas.

There is not enough information about how their relationship started, but there is information that their divorce took place in 2011. They have announced that they are still in touch and friends.

After their divorce, Luis started dating many beautiful women and was engaged two times. Soon after the divorce, he started dating Paola Sanchez, and they continued dating until 2018, when they called it quits and were even engaged.

Luis started dating Vanessa Reiser in 2018, and their relationship was short; they were engaged for some time but split after two years in 2020.

In 2020 Luis and Teresa met and started dating, and their relationship soon got public. Earlier in 2020, Teresa Giudice divorced Joe Giduce, which was explosive for the media. They split up because of a long-distance relationship and allegations about cheating. Teresa is the star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and they are becoming more and more attractive to the public.

The couple engaged in 2021 with a beautiful proposal in Greece and married in 2022 in an extravagant ceremony. They now live in a $3.4 million mansion in New Jersey. They live an extravagant lifestyle and give each other fancy gifts, like a brand-new Mercedes G-Wagon.

Luis Ruelas’s Weight, Height, and Measurement

Luis Ruelas is 5’10” tall and weighs 165 lbs. He is 47 years old and is a well-shaped fitness freak. He is almost always smiling, and he is a stylish man.

Career: How Much Does Luis Ruelas Make?

Luis Ruelas started his career when he was nineteen. He launched his first business in digital marketing and was the CEO of Interactive Marketing Solutions from 2000 to 2012 in Nanuet, New York. He has been working hard to achieve the things he is today. 

Luis Ruelas is Co-Founder/EVP of Business Development at Digital Media Solutions and is a successful businessman with over 25 years of experience in digital marketing.

During the pandemic, he showed his charity work, and was working for a nonprofit to feed over 300 families in NY. His philanthropic organization is named JL Blessings.

Luis Ruelas is pretty active on the social media platform Instagram, where he has 125K followers and regularly posts pictures of himself and his family

Is Luis Ruelas a Millionaire?

Luis Ruelas is a millionaire with a net worth of $20 million. He made his money through businesses and his TV work. Luis is the co-founder of Digital Media Solutions and has worked in the marketing business since nineteen. He is famous for his relationships, and he has one failed marriage, two failed engagements, and now is in marriage with Teresa Giudice.

Is Luis Ruelas Self-made?

Luis Ruelas is a self-made millionaire. He started working as a young man, and he started his first business when he was nineteen. His whole life is connected to the entertainment business. Luis made his fortune by himself; however, he rose to fame after he started dating his current wife, Teresa.

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