Holly Monteleone: Personal Life, Career & Net Worth 2023

Holly Monteleone’s journey to fame and success is a truly inspiring one. She was touched by the fact that her friend saved a 17-year-old’s life and decided to follow in her footsteps and become a paramedic.

She is currently a paramedic and television personality from the United States of America. She is also known for her role in the series Night Watch. 

Full Name Holly Monteleone
Birth Date September 24 
Birthplace New Orleans, United States of America
Nationality American
Education N/A
Ethnicity White 
Zodiac  Libra
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings N/A
Age N/A
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 66 kg (145 pounds) 
Eye Color Blue 
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Profession Paramedic and TV Personality 
Partner Derek Blanchard
Daughter Violet Sherman 
Net Worth  $100,000

Personal Life of Holly Monteleone

Holly Monteleone was born on September 24 in New Orleans, Louisiana, to unknown family background.

Holly is someone who’s always been confident in her own uniqueness. Being part of a large family, Holly has many people she loves. She demonstrates this love often to those around her because she’s an all-around good egg. It’s clear to see why! 

Holly has a tattoo on her right hand, which symbolizes how much she cares about her family members and the date on which her mother married their current stepfather. 

Even from a young age, Holly showed great academic potential, achieving high grades in both school and college.

In 2016, Holly met and fell in love with Derek Blanchard, and the couple eventually decided to keep their relationship a secret.

The couple loves sharing their sweet moments together on their respective social media accounts, and they are happy with how fans and followers react to them.

Holly even shared a picture of herself holding the results of a pregnancy test, wherein the two were delighted with the result. 

The couple already have two children.

The Career of Holly Monteleone

Holly Monteleone is an emergency paramedic and reality television star who has made a name for herself in the medical field.

She dreamed of being a lawyer but quickly realized that paramedic was the profession for her.

After training as an EMT, she quickly rose through the ranks and is currently a paramedic.

Holly has also starred in the reality television show Nightwatch, which follows the life-saving events of emergency responders in New Orleans.

Her star continues to rise as she makes a difference in the lives of those in need.

Holly’s job is a challenge and is interesting for her. Furthermore, she has saved hundreds of lives by utilizing her abilities and skills in this position.

Holly said, “The value of my job is incalculable… Through this employment, I gained a second family. Every day, I assist others. As a result, I have a sense of self-worth and feel wanted.”

Holly Monteleone’s Net Worth

If you’re ever wondering how someone becomes famous, look at Holly Monteleone.

She started as an emergency paramedic in the United States and has worked her way up to becoming a well-known reality TV personality.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $100,000. This is all thanks to her appearances on reality TV shows, which have helped her increase her net worth.

Holly is a private person and doesn’t reveal too much about her finances or life, but her net worth speaks for itself.

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