Gaetan Girouard Biography: Age, Height, Parents, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Gaetan Girouard was a popular journalist in public affairs.

Gaetan Girouard Biography

Gaétan Girouard was born in Saint-Hyacinthe on March 10th, 1965.

Gaetan Girouard Age

He was 33 years old.

Gaetan Girouard Height

He is 1.88m tall.

Gaetan Girouard Nationality

He is Canadian.

Gaetan Girouard Death

Unfortunately, due to unexplained circumstances, Gaétan died on January 14th 1999, in Ste-Foy.

Gaetan Girouard Parents

He was born to Aline and Clément Girouard.

Gaetan Girouard Siblings

He has 3 siblings: Louis, Christine and Clément. Unfortunately, his younger brother died in January 1992.

Gaetan Girouard Career

Gaétan has his TV show, “J. E”, with his friend, Jocleyne Cazin. He was a popular journalist in public affairs.

On March 8th 1998, Gaétan received an Oscar (Métro-Star).

Gaetan Girouard Wife

His wife is Natalie Préfontaine. On April 12th, 1997, he married Natalie Préfontaine.

Gaetan Girouard Children

Justine, his first child was born. Two years later, in September, his second child, Marie-Claude was born.

Gaetan Girouard Net Worth

Gaétan Girouard has an estimated net worth of $400,000

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