Curtis Carroll Net Worth 2022

How much does Curtis Carroll Worth?

Net Worth $50 Thousand
Real Name Curtis Carroll
Date of Birth March 06, 1978
Birth Place Oakland
Profession Criminal
Age 43
Height 1.88 m
Country United States of America

The horror criminal was in prison due to some of the major causes. In this article, you will read about Curtis Carroll Net Worth, Early Life, and Career Life.

He is a criminal from American who has worked as a criminal and been in prison several times. Also, he is well-known for “Street Wall.”

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Early Life And Biography

Officially a well-known American Criminal was born Curtis Carroll on March 06, 1978, in Oakland, America. He grew up in East Oakland, America.

In his hometown, he was a school-going boy. But later he was kicked out of school and he started living his life in the streets. So due to his walking in the streets, he becomes a street criminal.

Because of poverty, in his childhood, he was walked in the streets and got some meals. Just making his proper food for his livelihood he starts street crimes.

Later when he got his good meals from street crimes, he decided to continue his work. So after some time he becomes a high street criminal and wanted person.

In 1997, he started his higher crimes. Due to his robbery, a person was killed. So in this case he was in prison and was punished in jail.

When he left the school he couldn’t go there. And he didn’t know the education system. But when he was in jail, he learned something about reading and writing.

Later, after taking some learning of the education about some things he makes his mind for the higher crimes. When he learned reading skills, he darts reading Bill Gates.

Family Info

Father Name Under review
Mother Name Under review
Sister Name Under review
Marital Status Single
Spouse Under review
Kids/Children Name: Under Review
Gender: Male

How did Curtis Carroll Become So Famous and how to Make Net Worth?

Curtis Carroll starts his prison career, after being kicked out of school. When he was dropped out, he started his walk to find his good food for life.

When he can’t find the legal way to get his meals, he starts crimes. After some time he becomes a criminal and prison due to his crimes.

How Curtis Carroll Start his Career Life?

Curtis Carroll started his criminal career in 1997 proper. Before it, he was a lower street criminal. But later he decided to make his good food, so he started robbery. 

Due to his crimes, he has become a prisoner with his friend Troy Williams. Both started giving lectures to other prisoners to survive their lives better behind the bars.

Curtis Carroll Net Worth is $50 thousand. He has made all his wealth from his crimes. Behind the bars, he has made his good wealth. So we have no estimate of his wealth that how much he has earned till now.

What Makes It So Successful?

Curtis Carroll started his criminal career in 1997 properly. Before it, he was walking in the streets and did some robbery to take his food for his life.

But in 1997, he started his higher crimes and became a robber and looter. When he left the school at that time he started walking in the streets. So later he became a looter.

Because of poverty in his family, he faced many difficulties in his life. From his childhood, he faced a shortage of food.

And later he starts his crimes and starts making his good meals. Due to his poverty, he decided to become a robber.

He has not taken all those things in his life, which a person needs in his childhood.

So, when he started the robbery, a person was killed, and he was punished for 54 years. But he took some reasons and got his freedom.

As, if we read his whole story of personal life, we will get many other pieces of information and thoughts from others on his life.

Annual Income Under review
Cars N/A
House Under Review
Salary Under review

A psychologist talked that there was no one person in the world, who was ready to teach him better. So due to a lack of education about good and bad was made a prisoner.

Money is everything for some people. They want just money all around their bodies. They just want to become millionaires in their lives soon. So some of them tried the wrong ways to get their goals in life.

In the prison, he tried to teach other prisoners. He teaches them how they survive in their lives behind the prison. Also, he encouraged them to do something behind the bars for their good life.

He and his friend named Troy Williams were shifted to San Quentin Prison in 2012. They both taught the other prison mates how they decrease their financial issues behind the bars.

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