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Anthony Vincent

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Anthony Vincent




September 21, 1987


Port Chester, New York, United States


United States



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Anthony Vincent, born September 21, 1987, in Port Chester, New York, is a well-known YouTuber, musician, and vocalist. He became well-known for his YouTube channel “Ten Second Songs,” in which he covers popular songs in a variety of musical styles.

What is the net worth of Anthony Vincent?

Anthony Vincent is estimated to have a net worth between $1 and $5 million. His principal source of revenue comes from his popular YouTube channel, “Ten Second Songs,” which has millions of views and a significant member base.

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Career of Anthony Vincent:

Anthony has always had a love of music and began playing the piano at a young age. He eventually learnt to play guitar, bass, and drums. He refined his voice skills by participating in local bands and teaching music.

Anthony founded his YouTube channel, “Ten Second Songs,” in 2014, and it rapidly became popular for its unique and innovative approach to cover songs. He would reimagine popular tunes across musical genres. His videos became viral, generating millions of views and drawing a big following.

Anthony Vincent
Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs

Anthony’s diverse singing abilities and talent for mimicry enabled him to effortlessly emulate the vocal styles of other musicians. He’s covered songs by Adele, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, and Metallica, among others.

Aside from his YouTube channel, Anthony has produced original music, including his debut EP “Volume 1” in 2019. He continues to produce content for his channel, working with various bands and broadening his creative horizons.

Anthony Vincent’s distinct musical talent and amusing content have helped him establish a big online presence. He has a vast and devoted fan base that value his inventiveness, singing abilities, and ability to breathe new life into classic tunes.

In addition to his YouTube fame, Anthony has featured on several television shows and collaborated with well-known bands and brands. His work has appeared in outlets such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, and The Huffington Post.

Physical Appearance:

Anthony Vincent is 36 years old, 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm) tall, and weighs 75 kg (165 pounds). He has blond eyes and brown hair.

Early years:

Anthony Vincent was born to Anthony J. Valbiro and Sharon Eileen.

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To summarize, Anthony Vincent is a tremendously gifted YouTuber, musician, and singer who has built a large following and achieved success with his unique approach to performing popular songs. His YouTube video, “Ten Second Songs,” has millions of views and a devoted fan base, thanks to his amazing vocal range and ability to replicate several musical genres. Anthony’s ingenuity and adaptability have enabled him to work with other artists, create unique music, and acquire notoriety in the music industry. Anthony Vincent’s career is primed for future success because to his continuing dedication and enthusiasm for music.

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